Sensory analysis is a key tool for the food sector. Food attributes are always associated with shapes, colors and textures. So the focus must be on the consumer and analyze how it is valued.


Marketing can help your product to be known, thus increasing sales. But the product is going to compete not only in popularity, the quality of which is going to keep it on the market. So knowing the influential attributes and how consumers perceive them is an essential part.


Que importa si tus productos son la moda del mercado con diferencia, si no tienes texturas, o si no sientan bien, o si el sabor no perdura, o no es agradable al comer, o el olor es extraño. Hoy el consumidor tiene una gran variedad donde elegir y sin dudarlo se fidelizará con productos agradables o que se adapaten a sus necesidades.


You must make sure that the product is standard. Once you have achieved the sensory quality that the consumer likes the most, you must ensure by batch control that it does not vary. Changes in products, even for the better, are evaluated by the consumer as quality drops in the product.


Keys to success

  • Projects management
  • Product management
  • Attribute management
  • batch management
  • Survey management
  • User Management
  • Export survey responses
  • Analyze responses with statistical techniques
  • Obtain iterative graphs of the results obtained with statistical techniques
  • Export graphics to images to be included in words, ppt, ...