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Sensory Analysis of your product

What prototype do I need to bring to market? Does my product like my competitors' products better? How do I modify my product to make it more appealing? What attributes do I need to focus my I+D investment on? How can I standardize my product?



Sensory Intelligence

How do I survey my product? What sample population should I use? How do I analyze the data?



It is important to know your product through the opinion of your customers. No one better than them to make improvements or to test quality and standardization.


It is important that the product is good, but it is necessary that this quality becomes standard and lasts over time.


Statistical techniques

Statistical techniques applied to sensory analysis focus on (Student's t-test, ANOVA, Tukey's test, Friedman's test, Williams' design...).


Unifies in one software

Te formamos en análisis sensorial. Te ofrecemos formación en estadística. Pero sino tienes tiempo para formarte, tenemos un software ( que lo hará por ti.




The efficiency of SENSESBIT allows the technical team to dedicate more time to higher value-added tasks and to speed up the response capacity to other departments that demand its results.

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